API Bridge

At A1 Advance Infotech, we understand the importance of seamless communication between software programs in the trading world. That’s why we bring you the powerful API Bridge – an application programming interface code that facilitates the processing and transmitting of instructions between different software programs.

API Bridge is a connection between the Algo Platform and the order matching engine. It allows you to Algo trade with numerous stages like Amibroker, MT4, TradingView, Python, Excel, NinjaTrader, and so on.

API Bridge Features

  • Improves, customizes, and grows our site.
  • It helps us in Understanding and investigating how you should utilize our Website.
  • Selecting Brokers Based on Smart Bridge API
  • Coordinates with Amibroker, Excel, Python, MT4, and so forth.
  • Supported Brokers: Fyers, Alice Blue, Zerodha, Upstox, Nirmal Bang, Interactive Brokers, IIFL, 5paisa, GRD, and Composite Edge.
  • It Permits trading for Multi-Strategies in Multi-Time frame and Multi-Markets in Multi-Client Account Allows Multi-Order Types: L, M, SL-L, SL-M, BO, CO, etc.
  • Send a custom request amount for each trade depending on your risk management rules.
  • It consequently selects Multi-Strikes through your code for choices trading.
  • Consequently chooses multi-expiry contracts through your code for choices trading.
  • Trade utilizing diagrams or without outlines through a scanner.
  • It doesn’t need VPS, reconnects to a great many virtual worlds interference.
  • It provides custom Target, Stop Loss (SL), time-sensitive signs, and so on for your code.
  • Keep up a free pattern of Long Entry, Long Exit, Short Entry, and Short Exit signals.

Understanding How API Bridge Work

The Smart Bridge works on the basis of “Signals”. A Signal is basically a sign to Buy or Sell with clear conditions. This Bridge forms 4 sorts of Signals:

  • Long Entry (LE): It is equivalent to a new Buy for making a Long position.

  • Long Exit (LX): It is equivalent to Sell for decreasing/squaring off the Long position.

  • Short Entry (SE): It is equivalent to a new Sell for making a Short position.

  • Short Exit (SX): It is equivalent to Buy for decreasing /squaring off the Short position.

For putting orders, the Bridge requires values either from the Signal or from the Symbol Settings window. Many qualities are given in the Symbol Settings window that revokes the Signal qualities.

The sequence of Signal handling is as per the following:

api bridge - chart
  • First of all the signal is received in the Bridge.
  • Then qualities are taken from the Symbol Settings window by coordinating the image given in Signal with “Input Symbol”.
  • The Signal’s setting rules are applied from Application Settings -> Signal Settings.
  • The Risk Management rules are applied from Application Settings -> Global Risk Management.
  • After the final step the request is sent to the API.